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Iman behdani

​Industrial and Advertising Photography Studio

"With architectural photography, we capture time in frames."

"Unveiling the Earth's beauty, one mineral at a time."

"Capturing the industrial allure, frame by frame."


Experiences and pictures of my travels​​​​​​​

​The experience I have gained over the years enables me to create high-quality and exceptional images using professional photography techniques and advanced software. Additionally, my ability to work with light and make optimal use of photography equipment allows me to bring out detailed images with vibrant colors.​​​​​​​

"Capturing the Essence of Industrial Advertising Through Creative and Unique Images"

Throughout the years, as a professional photographer, I have collaborated with many different clients. These collaborations have included large companies, well-known brands, and small to medium-sized businesses. My ability to understand the needs and desires of my clients allows me to provide high-quality and attractive images that aim to capture the attention of audiences and increase the sales of products and services.

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"Capturing the Essence of Industrial Advertising Through Creative and Unique Images"

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Given my expertise in industrial and advertising photography, I can assist you with various projects including product photography, industrial photography, architectural and interior photography, food and restaurant photography, fashion photography, and other advertising needs.​​​​​​​

My previous projects in advertising and industrial photography have been highly acclaimed, and I take pride in having collaborated with various clients. You can view samples of my work on my website and fill out the contact form to collaborate with me.

Thank you for choosing me, and I look forward to working with you.

Iman Behdani